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Zucoins are a cryptocurrency token that can be instantly & securely stored or exchanged between everyday users within the decentralised peer-to-peer Zucoins ecosystem.

Zucoins will launch alongside the Zukaz mobile app, an innovative world first augmented reality global marketing system.

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Zucoins are available by special arrangement only prior to commencement of trading. Trading to commence with launch of the Zukaz App.

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Zukaz and Zucoins signs Hollywood star as ambassador

28th September 2018 | Zucoins

Chris Pang the star of the current Hollywood top grossing box office movie Crazy Rich Asians, has signed on to be the brand ambassador for Zukaz and its crypto currency token Zucoins. Zucoins is the world’s first Augmented Reality backed crypto currency token.

Born and bred in Melbourne Australia with his family related to the legendary Bruce Lee, Chris is a rising star of Hollywood and his star is expected to shine even brighter with his involvement in more Hollywood blockbusters slated for release in 2019.

Brand creation and marketing company Go Green Holdings with a strong focus on VR AR new media and a strategic partner of Zukaz and Zucoins, have brought the parties together into an exciting partnership.

Chris Pang’s representation of Zucoins is the first of any Hollywood celebrity’s endorsement of a crypto currency.

“Crypto currencies have made a lot of people ‘crazy rich’ and with real world application, Zucoins will be the one to watch for the future.”
Chris Pang

Beta testing for the Zukaz app has now begun in Australia, allowing users to pick up real cash vouchers through the augmented reality mobile app. Zukaz is enabling merchants and retailers to attract customers to their stores without any waste on their advertising spend. The app is available to download from the Apple iOS and Android stores and is expected to be completely disruptive of how traditional advertising is conducted.

Zukaz aims to capture a significant share of the current US$500 billion plus advertising revenue generated by Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.

“It is absolutely fantastic to have Chris onboard as a brand ambassador with the Zukaz team. Chris is a rising star in Hollywood, his ambassadorship of Zukaz is significant endorsement of what we are producing.”
Pat Scammell

By gamifying advertising, Zukaz appeals to the millennials in a similar manner that attracted them to Pokémon Go from 2016. The Zukaz phenomenon like Pokémon Go is expected to revolutionize and totally disrupt the advertising world.


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